Copywriter in Stockholm (Sweden)

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Part Time, Permanent Term

Click here to apply in English

Who you are

– You have a solid portfolio of both concepts and writing.
– Minimum 4 years of experience.
– Edgy writing style and courage – we’re not looking for a spell checker.
– Hungry. Radon is a place filled with underdogs and overachievers.
– Pragmatic. You’re neither a sensitive artist nor a push-over.
– Prestigeless. This is not a place for creative divas or people building their own brand.
– Autonomous. You don’t need to hide in a team and you have the ability to create stuff on your own.
– A nice and warm person

We’re currently looking for a native English copywriter with a solid portfolio and at least 4 years of work experience. A word loving artist that thrives in any given environment – film, online, print, concepts and pitches. This is not for all you Swedes “with great English skills”, you need to live, breathe, eat and drink the English language.

What you will be doing – Create ideas, concepts and build brands – Write a lot of English copy – Help Swedes write better English copy – Pitch to clients – Rewrite our whole site – Manifestos, films, ads, banners, prints – you name it!


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