Contact Center Expert in Bruxelles (Belgium)

Where: Bruxelles (Belgium)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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  • What you need to know about us …

    At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfils your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can.

    The Sony Belgium branch of Sony Europe hosts a variety of support departments, one of which being the Service, Quality and Environmental department. Within this group a team is looking after the management and quality of production of our (outsourced) European Contact Centre Operations. We are looking for a motivated, experienced and professional expert that will help the contact centres to deliver the best quality, in line with SONY’s support strategy at a controllable cost.

    You will work from our offices located in the Brussels (Zaventem) area in Belgium.

    What we are looking for …

    • You may be an experienced professional having managed or co-ordinated contact centre activities in the past or you might be new to the business and compensate your lack of experience with drive, enthusiasm and a passion for customer care;
    • You may be used to work with outsourced partners and can bring relevant experience into the day-to-day management of long-standing partnerships or believe to be absolutely capable of doing this;
    • You are a coach, ready to explain and elaborate. You can inspire people to deliver the absolute best
    • You know about the industry Key Performance Indicators;
    • A quality program is something you will defend vigorously and can translate into practical items for change and prioritisation
    • You can create policies and workflows, seek buy in of all involved parties and follow up on their implementation
    • You are experienced in dealing with internal and external customer escalations and know how to solve them
    • You have experience in setting up specific programs and campaigns within a contact centre environment
    • You are accurate and pay close attention to details
    • You are in touch with the latest trends in technology. You assimilate new trends easily
    • Your English communication skills are excellent and you are proficient in at least one other European language (German, French, Italian, Spanish or Polish would be seen as an asset).
    • You are consumer minded
    • You are a team-player
    • You are not shy.
    • You find a deadline cool and you will deliver to it
    • You are a problem solver and approach stuff hands-on
    • You are willing to operate in a multi-cultural environment which is in constant change. What is done today might have lost relevancy tomorrow. You re-invent yourself while you help re-inventing the way we conduct business day by day
    • You may or may not have experience. What matters is mindset, analytics, openness of mind and innovation and motivation.
    • What your job will look like …
    • Your responsibilities spread over the complete Contact Centre management cycle, with key points being :

      Contact Centre Performance Management

    • You will check the performance of the assigned contact centre lines
    • Upon any KPI adherence or quality issues surfacing, action plans shall be negotiated and followed up
    • Any planned or non-planned events that could impact the service delivery of the contact centres shall be communicated and followed up for impact
    • Manage any system issues impacting the day 2 day service delivery
    • Link up with internal stakeholders on quality of execution, reporting on processes, implementation of new policies
    • Report back to management the overall performance and the status of ongoing change activities.

      Escalation management

    • Monitors escalations made (internal and by end consumers) from quantitative and case base perspective and insures proper and timely handling
    • Shall propose changes in the handling of cases to avoid escalations and quantify impact of change in both customer satisfaction and cost
    • Shall monitor the expenditure of goodwill for escalations, list key points and – upon management buy in – drive required changes
    • Shall actively keep up to date goodwill empowerment guidelines to reflect today’s and tomorrow’s way of working
    • Works closely together with stakeholders in the IT and Service field to quantify the impact of escalations and advocate for changes and priorities
    • Keeps in touch with in country service team as to consumer law (changes) and their impact on the running operation
    • Will make sure that staffing is appropriate based on the incoming escalation volumes
    • Will calibrate the performance of the escalation handling team in quality and overall output
    • Presents reporting about the escalation hub’s activities

      In essence … you will take part in the overall contact centre management with a key focus on escalation reduction.

    • You define the customer needs
    • You validate the contact centre’s performance
    • You report back on your findings and collaborate with quality-,training-, and account managers
    • You follow up on the performance of the contact centre, specific business lines or specific project implementations
    • You make sure that contact centres execute per process
    • You represent the contact centre’s voice in the SONY organisation and express their needs.

      You will help to establish:

    • An organisation focusing on detailed and qualitative customer care
    • Contact Centres that are efficient in the way they process the contacts and that respect the agreed Key Performance Indicators
    • Contact centre escalation teams that have all the knowledge at hand to minimize complaints and associated goodwill expenditure

      Thanks to you we will be:

    • Contact centres will be followed up in detail about their day-2-day delivery and about the changes that we drive in our customer support model.
    • Escalations will be minimized, resolution lead times will decrease and goodwill expenditure would go down.

      You are …

    • A great communicator,  explaining complex things in a simple and step-by-step manner;
    • Someone who likes to create partnerships across a variety of cultures
    • Someone that can coach, listen and see things from many angles while being clear about expectations
    • Ambitious to deliver the very best experience to a massive consumer base;
    • Strongly interested in (contact centre) technology;
    • Understanding the importance of governance, working with non-disclosures and embargo’s;
    • Hands on in problem solving;
    • An advocate for change and you like to improve;
    • Factual;
    • A team player;
    • Persistent;
    • A self-innovator;
    • Flexible, ready to adapt to new ways and means;
    • Proficient in MS Office,
    • Excellent in written English, proficiency in one or more other EU languages is seen as an asset

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