Team Leader in Vilnius (Lithuania)

Where: Vilnius (Lithuania)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Your main responsibilities will be:
  • Leading a team of and helping them to grow and improve more in their career. 
  • Updating documentation and adhering to statutory audits of all processes as requested by client.
  • Working closely with client and team members to improve and develop processes and operations as well as request for additional trainings in case of process updates or errors.
  • Ensuring highest quality and process improvement by solving different issues that are raised in process and by planning, assessing and managing tasks like:
    • allocations of work;
    • assessing quality of transactions;
    • handling queries;
    • daily staffing;
    • recording production statistics, end-user related notes and other data;
    • tracking and reporting daily production and etc.
  • Sharing regular performance feedback with Associates.
Team needs, that You will:
  • Speak Danish (B2 and upper level) or in other Scandinavian language (Norwegian or Swedish).
  • Be motivated, accurate, structured and oriented to provide best experience to customers.
  • Be communicative, collaborative and have positive attitude.


  • 2+ years hands on experience in Insurance or Finance field.
  • 1 or more years of successful experience in Team management.

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