Localization Specialist in Paris (France)

Where: Paris (France)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

At Dashlane you will:

  • Manage localization and local PR vendor relationships, including tracking costs, providing feedback, and vetting new vendors
  • Ensure global content consistency across all our platforms (desktop, mobile, website)
  • Manage technology necessary to provide translation services (translation memories and linguistic assets)
  • Review translations delivered by translators to ensure quality and market suitability
  • Champion any localization initiatives with the help of Marketing, PR and/or Content teams
  • Produce regular, actionable reporting for management on services provided by the localization vendor and local PR firms
  • Facilitate effective communication across all mission teams (copywriters, engineers, marketing teams, product teams, etc.)
  • Follow-up on all localization issues and provide context to translation resources whenever they ask questions
  • Develop and execute tone and language style guides for each country/language we operate in to define Dashlane’s voice in our international markets
  • Help plan and prepare for future business expansion

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Exceptional communication skills and experience with vendors and cross-functional teams
  • Analytical & problem-solving skills to dissect & work through complex challenges
  • Experience delivering first-class service to millions of users
  • Showcased excellent written and verbal communication skills to localize various content types such as legal, marketing, or technical materials
  • Business acumen to encourage international user acquisition
  • Great attitude towards work and people
  • Proven ability to manage multiple and diverse stakeholders across businesses and leadership levels

Qualifications Required:

  • 2+ years of experience in localization, copy editing, content authoring, and content marketing or similar.
  • Fluency in English coupled with another European language (such as French, Swedish, Dutch, German, or some combination.)
  • Knowledge of localization tools and processes
  • Project management experience
  • Masters or equivalent required, preferably in linguistics, communication, journalism, or a related field

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