Customer Support Agent in Krakow (Poland)

Where: Krakow (Poland)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

Customer Service Agent / Online Marketer

Our Customer Service Agents truly represent our company. They are the ones communicating with our customers and helping them with their every question. They are the ones that will make our customers feel good about our company.

Our Agents are also Online Marketers. They need to be able to advise our customers on the entire online marketing process. How to create a feed that works best on the shopping channels, how to optimize a campaign on Google, how to market in different countries, etc.

A Customer Service Agent is constantly communicating with our customers and our developers on a wide variety of topics:

– Demo and sell our services to interested potential customers

– Detecting technical issues before the customer even knows about it

– Solve and communicate about problems that customers experience

– Advise customers on how to create data feeds

– Advise customers on how to create and manage campaigns on Google and other channels


Agents are communicating via email, chat and on the phone.



What are WE looking for?

We want people to join our team full time. Mr. or Mrs. Right would meet the following expectations:

– ATTITUDE. Attitude is everything. You want to help people. You go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is happy. You like to communicate. Our customer is your customer.

– ITALIAN. Your Italian (written and spoken) is very good. Ideally, it’s ‘native’, but at least more than good enough to communicate with Italian companies. You need to speak enough English to communicate with other people in the company. Polish would be a good bonus.

– INVESTIGATIVE. Many customer queries are like solving a puzzle. It takes creativity and analysis to create a good feed or an advertising campaign.

– FLEXIBILITY. You switch between activities 100x per day. You have 3 chat conversations at the same time. You work on tech-problems, marketing campaigns and sales. Never a dull moment, but you gotta be flexible 😉

That is right: we are open to any background, education or experience. We will teach you everything you need to know. Any interest or experience in eCommerce or Online Marketing is helpful, but the main issue is: Do you have what it takes?


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