Technical Recruiter in Tallinn (Estonia)

Where: Tallinn (Estonia)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

What will you be doing?

  • Finding out who we want to hire for our engineering teams in Tallinn – the biggest engineering hub in TransferWise, and how to approach them

That’s not just posting a job advert or searching our database (although we would definitely expect you to be able to do these things). It’s also about finding unique ways to identify and excite those candidates no one else can reach, and being able to vary this depending on the market. You’ll play a big part in building an employer brand that appeals to this audience.

  • Building long-term relationships with talented people, and guiding them through a seamless process

You’ll be doing all initial screening calls and early interviews, making sure that the shortlist you give our teams includes only the best of the best. But you don’t stop there. You’ll support your candidates on every step of the journey up until they walk through the door on Day 1. That means collaborating with our People team to make sure that everything from contracts, visas, background checks and onboarding happen like clockwork for your candidates. We’ll be relying on you to make sure that we exceed our candidates’ expectations at every opportunity. Even those candidates that weren’t successful stay on your radar in case that perfect role comes along later.

  • Partnering with super smart leaders

You’ll need to make sure that our hiring teams have the information they need, know what their role is, and that everyone agrees to a clear attraction and interview process. You’ll use data to figure out the blockers to hiring, and communicate this so everyone in the hiring team understands their role in improving the hiring KPIs. You’ll continually optimise the process and make sure it is globally scalable. You’ll also support your hiring teams with their planning, onboarding, talent mapping and salary benchmarking.

Who would this suit?

  • A Technical Recruiter with a track record of success

Success not just measured in billings, but in candidate satisfaction and a network of trusted contacts. Extra in-house recruitment experience is a bonus. You are ready to go beyond just sourcing and managing the interview process, looking at the bigger picture instead. You can spot the great candidates without relying on qualifications or titles.

  • An adaptable self starter

Someone who can use their own initiative to keep things running at pace, and doesn’t sit around waiting for answers to come to them. You’re comfortable dealing with ambiguity and an always-changing environment. We’d prefer it if you’ve worked in or recruited for a startup or high growth company before.

  • A creative problem solver

A tricky niche role won’t get you down. It’s a challenge that just spurs you on to find a new approach and try something new. You’re curious and get a real kick out of learning different skills.

  • A confident communicator and influencer

You’re totally comfortable talking to people of any level, whether it’s in person, on the phone or in writing. You understand how best to adapt your approach to your audience.

  • A perfectionist with a keen eye for detail and accuracy
  • Someone who has recruited for Infrastructure, IT or Mobile roles before

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