Content Reviewer in Bengaluru (India)

Where: Bengaluru (India)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English


Key responsibilities include:
As a Content Reviewer, you will work towards the review of advertisements from Amazon Dynamic advertising program. Key responsibilities include:
· Review and audit advertisements and emails in English and Spanish
· Thoroughly check advertising content with careful consideration of given guidelines.
· Review feedback from customers.
· Work intuitively to identify and highlight any recommendations, improvements or inconsistencies in the data
· Troubleshooting issues related to advertisements


· Graduate degree in any discipline
· 24/7 availability, including willingness to work on weekends, and outside of the “standard” work day
– Proficient in English and Spanish language. Candidate must demonstrate language proficiency in all the following: verbal, writing, reading and comprehension.
Required language level: B2.2/BA/Advanced Diploma
– Minimum 6 months work experience in EU and US marketplace.
– Working knowledge of Computer Applications like- MS Word and MS Excel
– Web Search skills and knowledge of Wikipedia.
– Good Data Analysis and Mining Skills
– Detail Oriented
– Flexible in work timings
– Familiar with Internet search tools
– Willingness to work with sensitive issues, including but not limited to:
· Adult content
· Religious and philosophically sensitive issues
· Alcohol, tobacco, weapons and other potentially offensive products
· Willingness to work on English as well as Spanish reviews


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