Recruitment Specialist in Houston (United States)

Where: Houston (United States)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Essential Job Functions:
1) Make unscripted connection calls to independent medical providers for the purpose of recruiting them to VES’s nationwide network of providers;
2) Arrange conference calls with providers when needed to answer questions about the VES credentialing, training, and examination process;
3) Document and maintain detailed notes for communication and exchanges with all potential and current providers;
4) Send preliminary information letters to potential providers, including contracted pay rates for their geographical region;
5) Assemble and distribute the VES credentialing packet to providers and facilitate the completion of required documents in a timely manner;
6) Consistently meets daily, weekly, and monthly provider contact quotas;
7) Achieve superior level of productivity in a demanding and high energy environment;
8) Find diagnostic facilities in foreign countries able to perform needed testing for C&P exams and handling invoicing as needed ;
9) Communicate and maintain a professional working relationship with department and team members in a friendly, but focused, environment; and
10) Make calls to diagnostic facilities such as clinics and hospitals to obtain locations to complete medical testing for veterans (such as bloodwork, EKG, x-rays)
Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
1) Assist other team members with contacting providers and medical facilities regarding rates, billing and other issues associated with the providers and/or their staff;
2) Work closely with the Scheduling Department to fill Open Service Requests (“OSRs”); and
3) Coordinate travel for providers when needed.
4) Attend meetings as directed;
5) Work effectively within a team dynamic;
6) Adapt to new instructions, requests or procedures as provided;
7) Maintain a high sense of urgency at all times;
8) Maintain the confidentiality of Veterans’ and providers’ records; and
9) Other duties as assigned.
1) Self-starter;
2) Advanced customer service skills;
3) Advanced verbal and interpersonal skills;
4) Advanced written communication skills, to include excellent grammar;
5) Advanced reading and comprehension abilities;
6) Advanced analytical skills and detail-oriented;
7) Advanced multi-tasking skills;
8) Advanced organizational and prioritization skills, with strong ability to meet strict deadlines with minimal supervision;
9) Proficient typing skills; and
10) Proficient with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, general internet research, and beginner knowledge of Microsoft Excel;
Working Conditions:
1) Casual office environment, with some exposure to mild noise from office equipment and moderate noise generated by staff members;
2) Frequently utilizes phone, fax machine, computer, printer, and copy machines; and
3) Flexible work hours due to time zone differences.
Minimum Level of Preparation and Training:
High school graduate; some college preferred. Must be fluent in Arabic.

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