Talent & HR Manager in Stockholm (Sweden)

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English


  • Hiring: You’ll have an eye on the industry and the people we’d most like to hire, so that we can catch people just as they start thinking of changing jobs. You’ll work closely with each team’s manager to spread job ads, find great leads, and make sure the hiring process works smoothly and that everything is collected in Jobylon (our recruitment 
 tool, where this ad is generated for example). We will be hiring a LOT this coming year, so this will be a big part of your job!
  • Welcoming new employees: Once hired, you’ll make sure that new team members are welcomed in the best way, with the resources they need to feel at home and become productive as fast as possible.
  • Employer branding: You’ll work strategically and operatively with the VP of Marketing on employer branding and recruitment events, to make sure we attract and retain the best talent.
  • Community building, skill building and career development: Together with our team leads you will organize workshops and kick-offs to help team members grow, gain insights, contribute to strategy, and work better together. You get to run our monthly team events and rule the teambuilding and fun budget!
  • Scaling HR and company processes: You’ll aim to make the above tasks and other processes smooth and scalable, so that we avoid too much growing pain.


We understand you might not have experience in all of these areas. You will also learn on the job! We are excited about you because:

  • You have great English, organisational and analytical skills
  • We’d like you to have at least two years experience in at least one of these:
    • building strong community culture
    • employer branding and proactive recruitment: headhunting, search, social media
    • developing and implementing HR policies

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