Customer Support in San Francisco (United States)

Where: San Francisco (United States)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

Job Description

We are expanding our top-notch customer service team to provide the highest level of support in each interaction with our customers. This team, being closest to the customer, will provide feedback to further improve the product and customer-oriented processes in the company. We view customer service as a powerful growth and retention tool. You’ll join our small but quickly growing San Francisco support team!

  • Troubleshooting and analytical skills, preferably with software
  • Addressing and solving customer issues through email & phone contact, and possible chat
  • Identify & document bugs and features, and interact with engineering & product teams to solve/implement
  • Analyze customer conversations to identify trends and suggest improvements to the product, processes or policies
  • Identify and draft improvements to written help content
  • Collaborate with members of other teams to root out answers and be a resource to teammates

Job Requirements

  • Must have at least 1 year of prior support experience, preferably at a fast-paced startup where there are new products and features every day
  • Genuinely curious about people and business
  • Strong analytical, organizational, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Superb attention to detail
  • Self-discipline and the ability to work autonomously
  • Ability to adapt to new situations and think on your feet
  • Excellent time management skills
  • A desire to help people and improve the customer experience
  • Bilingual Spanish/ English a plus

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