Sales Manager in Athens (Greece)

Where: Athens (Greece)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English


  • Participate in Business planning exercise (Partner/Customer focus, Coverage considerations, Product/Promotional needs to grow business, etc.)
  • Build, maintain & communicate a strong ambition for the business, team and individuals
  • Ensure the right Process of Management & KPIs to drive the organization’s performance against sales goals, strategies & action-plans
  • Develop succession planning within the team, to ensure continuous skill set development/growth for the individuals
  • Perform on going coaching activities with sales agents, coordinate with coaches where needed in order to drive individual development
  • Deliver team communication in a motivational manner, build team energy
  • Demonstrate strong influencing skills to drive the team, managing change effectively, resulting in positive outcome
  • Be a role model and make sure everyone follows ethical rules
  • Drive the execution of the sales strategy (portfolio, campaigns/initiatives/programs, target markets, partners & customers, sales coverage) through right POM and KPIs
  • Drive the sales pipeline, guarantee forecast/predictability and maximization of margin through the right activities, POM and KPIs
  • Troubleshoot on issues that affects people/team perf & constantly look for new ways to evolve space, driving improvement in sales operation and performance
  • Build a true succession plan to allow individual growth within sales teams



  • Degree in Management or training in team leading is a plus
  • Excellent PC skills, especially MS Excel
  • Excellent command of English language
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters
  • Strong analytics skills
  • Capability to understand complex reporting and convert numbers into an action plans

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