Software Developer in Tel Aviv (Israel)

Where: Tel Aviv (Israel)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Software Developer (Tel Aviv)

We are looking for Software Developers who are passionate about their craft, thrive on challenges, and believe in success through collaboration for our new Tech support company in Israel. We offer an international, result-driven, fun, and dynamic environment. If scale and complexity excite you, Booking is the place to B!


As a Software Developer, you are responsible for the development, performance, scaling and reliability of developed products, with a strong focus on integration and operation within the infrastructure. You will be working alongside data scientists in solving large scale machine learning problems that power our global reaching product. You will be using big data, machine learning and deep neural network technologies such as: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Scikit-Learn, R and Tensorflow; together with web and datacenter technologies such as Kubernetes and a wide range of programing languages with a focus on Python, Java and Perl. You will work independently and will also be responsible for making technical decisions within a team as we rely on a high degree of autonomy of developers. Our development strategy is agile and we work in small Scrum teams of 4-6. We do several rollouts every day, are data-driven and do extensive A/B testing.


  • Rapidly develop next-generation scalable, flexible, and high-performance systems.
  • Solve issues with internal systems and products, prioritizing based on customer impact
  • Act as an intermediary for problems, with both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Collaborate with the team, Team Leaders and Product Owners to prioritize projects


Sometimes, solving our toughest problems has little to do with the software we have written, and more to do with the complex interaction of multiple systems. Understanding the full stack, from bits going across the wire to the various protocols that define communication all the way up to the application layer is vitally important. Most of us know multiple languages and have worked on multiple platforms. We need self-starters who are great at solving problems, who initiate solutions and discussions and who believe that any challenge can be scaled with the right mindset and tools. We have found that people who match the following requirements are the ones who fit us best:

  • 3 Years of hardcore development experience with more than one programming language
  • Experience of developing in and contributing to open source
  • Experience with HTTP and server-side technologies (web servers, database servers)
  • Ability to work independently in small teams
  • Preferably a university degree in Mathematics or Software Engineering

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