Junior Community Manager in Paris (France)

Where: Paris (France)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English or French (scroll down to the linked page)


Your mission at Konbini is a new one. Your task is to craft a feed of content that gives people an insider look into Konbini. One that creates a new thread of discussion. One that embodies our values and unique tone of voice.

4 main objectives:
• Open our doors
Benefit: Transparency, Authenticity, Attractiveness
• Say what we think
Benefit: Inspire, Lead
• Share what we do and our successes
Benefit: Attract new clients, Make existing ones happy
• Ask for help
Benefit: Recruit best talents
Audience: Everyone. Clients, Partners, Konbini communities, Konbini fellows, New people
Platform: Focus on LinkedIn

Main responsibilities:
• Define a content strategy: Objectives / Editorial line/ Formats possibilities/ Timetable
• Build and manage communities
• Foster engagement by sparking conversation and interacting with audience
• Track & share: Feed teams with valuable data, and settle a workflow
• Define a close way of working with Konbini fellows: production, edition, corporate com team, creation, sales, marketing…

Required qualities and skills:
• Graduate to 2 years’ experience
• English native speaker. Ideally IEP or CELSA
• High energy and remarkable creativity
• Extreme agility and ease with public image
• Engaging communication skills
• Ability to prioritize and multiple task in a fast paced, ambiguous environment
• Fluency with relevant tools: social media with focus on LinkedIn, Keynote


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