Telephone Interviewer in Stockholm (Sweden)

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English via e-mail, give “Spanish Phone Interviewer” as reference

We are looking for you who is comfortable on the phone and that speaks fluent Spanish. You must have lived and worked in Spain in the past. It is assumed that you are open, cheerful, sociable, accurate and easily can hold a conversation in a relaxed manner. You simply like to talk! No previous experience is required, and we provide the required education. We pay a fixed hourly salary of SEK 115 per hour you work but also during training.

We have a project towards Spain that will start mid May and run between ten days to two weeks. You will work from 9:00-17:30 Mon to Thu, Fri 9:00 to 16:00 at our office in Globen. Since most of our employees are seeking permanent employment or studying, we are very flexible and will agree on individual schedules with our employees. If you think that the above applies to you, and sounds interesting please email your CV and a short cover letter and we will contact you for a telephone interview.


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