Teacher in Porsgrunn (Norway)

Where: Porsgrunn (Norway)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English via e-mail

The position involves teaching Spanish, specifically Grades 7-10, and you will be responsible for teaching and learning of a class of up to 21 students. The position is for 65% dependent on negotiation. You will be part of the school¿s competitive teacher pay scale and have access to a generous relocation allowance, gym membership, professional development and a number of other benefits.

The position will include the following areas of responsibility:

  • Spanish language teaching for MYP
  • Curriculum planning
  • Academic and pastoral care
  • Team planning
  • Assessment and student monitoring of progress

The skills desirable of the incumbent are:

  • Excellent understanding and knowledge of spanish education particularly in an international school/IB context
  • Excellent management and organisational skills
  • IB experience (especially of MYP)
  • Good team work, communication and collaborative skills
  • Flexibility, enthusiasm and professionalism
  • Understanding and experience of living and working in Nordic Europe

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