Customer Support Specialist in Dublin (Ireland)

Where: Dublin (Ireland)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

About the role

We’re looking for talented professionals not just to fill an open position but to build a career in HubSpot. If you’re smart, if you’ve got a strong acumen for business and marketing and are looking to grow your career in a marketing technology company, we’d love to talk to you.

HubSpot’s success relies on our customers’ success and our customers’ success relies on the very best people in HubSpot delivering a full set of services. From onboarding to support, consultancy and management of our direct and agency customers, the Customer Success Team work hand-in-hand with those customers.

As HubSpot grows we need to keep hiring the very smartest people, with a passion for marketing and a killer business instinct who are looking to begin and build their career in HubSpot.

The Requirements – The Must Haves

  • Fluent in English and Italian
  • Outstanding communicator, articulate, fluid conversationalist
    • You’ll be working hand-in-hand with our customers every day. You need to be able to clearly guide them through a solution or walk-through of our products and features.
  • Analytical mindset; problem solver, troubleshooting
    • You love a good challenging brain melting puzzle. Our customers will throw these at you every day.
  • Marketing & Business acumen
    • You’ll be helping our customers grow their business using Inbound Marketing.
  • Web afficionado, social media pro
    • You’ve got your finger firmly on the pulse of the internet. If it’s trending, you know about it.

The Nice to Haves

These aren’t a must but if you have any of these skills on top of the above it would be really great to hear from you.

  • HTML & CSS development


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